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Paul Scherrer Institut PSI KuR - Kleinwinkelstreuung & Reflektometrie
PSI NUM LNS LDM SINQ DUO   phone & e-mail

E-Mail: jochen.stahn@psi.ch

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Small Angle Neutron Scattering & Neutron Reflectometry
staff and contact
name e-mail
position responsibility office phone*

Balog Sandor , Dr. sandor.balog@psi.ch
instrument scientist SANS II WHGA/112 5586
Egetenmeyer Nikola nikola.egetenmeyer@psi.ch
phd student WHGA/352 3603
Gasser Urs, Dr. urs.gasser@psi.ch
instrument scientist SANS II WHGA/345 3229
Gavilano Jorge, Dr. jorge.gavilano@psi.ch
instrument scientist SANS I WHGA/348 5473
Gerber Simon simon.gerber@psi.ch
phd student WHGA/143 3685
Geue Thomas, Dr. thomas.geue@psi.ch
instrument scientist Amor WHGA/110 5988
Kohlbrecher Joachim, Dr. joachim.kohlbrecher@psi.ch
group leader SANS I WHGA/246 3165
Städele Verena verena.staedele@psi.ch
phd student WHGA/343 5991
Stahn Jochen, Dr. jochen.stahn@psi.ch
instrument scientist Amor, Morpheus WHGA/142 2518

* complete phone number: +41 (0)56 310 XXXX

For the evening hours (7 pm to 10 pm) and during the week ends we have an
stand-by service telephone: (0) 079 820 2160.
This is for technical concerns only (e.g. problems with the motor controller or the chopper). For questions concerning your experiment please call your local contact.

For a complete list of LNS members see here